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Glen Callender on the cover of 24 Hours Vancouver.

Glen Callender on the cover of 24 Hours Vancouver, March 18 2014.

“Canada’s foremost promoter of foreskin”
The Province

“Foreskined crusader”
Daily Mail

Vancouver-based writer, multidisciplinary foreskin artist and activist Glen Callender is Canada’s best-known foreskin advocate and media personality. In 2010 he founded the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project — Canada’s best-known pro-foreskin advocacy group — and under its auspices he has organized unprecedented pro-foreskin events, made multiple media appearances, and performed Foreskin Awareness Booth and The Revolution Will Not Be Circumcised across Canada and the USA. In 2012 Glen originated the Foreskin Pride movement that is proliferating at Pride celebrations across Canada and the USA. In 2014 he was honoured as a “Pioneer of the Genital Autonomy Movement” at the 13th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights in Boulder, Colorado. He is 44 years old. And bisexual.

Glen’s provocative foreskin advocacy has received international newspaper coverage in the Washington Post, New York Post, Daily Mail, and Haaretz, as well as national coverage from the CBC, National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Province and Vancouver Sun.

VIDEO: Glen Callender (left) ambushes Justin Trudeau (right)
in the 2015 Montreal Pride Parade. (Click to play)

On television, Glen has appeared on TMZ Live, Sun News Network’s The Arena, and CHCH’s Square Off, and was the target of a monologue joke on Late Night With Seth Meyers. He is featured in the “Penis” episode of the Radio-Canada documentary series Sexplora (S01E06), where he notably ambushed Justin Trudeau in the Montreal Pride parade (see video at right).

Glen Callender on The Arena With Michael Coren.

Glen Callender (right) on Sun News Network’s The Arena.

He has made dozens of radio appearances from coast to coast, including several guest spots on Sirius XM’s Jay Thomas Show, HuffPost Live, Toronto NewsTalk 1010’s Friendly Fire, Jim Richards Show and Beyond the Mic With Mike Bullard, CJAD Montreal’s Ric Peterson Show, Halifax News 95.7’s Maritime Morning, Calgary AM770’s Rob Breakenridge Show, and Vancouver’s CKNW News Radio and Kid Carson Show. Overseas, Glen has been featured on NewsTalk Ireland’s Moncrieff.

Glen Callender on the cover of Xtra, Canada's leading queer newspaper.

Glen Callender (center) on the cover of Xtra, Canada’s queer newspaper.

In 2012, Glen modeled his foreskin for renowned botanist and male nude/landscape photographer Dr. Sherwin Carlquist’s acclaimed Natural Man photo series, selections from which were recently exhibited at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City. He is featured in Carlquist’s latest book, Natural Masculinities (2014).

In matters entirely unrelated to foreskin, Glen scripted critically-acclaimed dialogue for the Electronic Arts video game Need for Speed: Undercover (2008), and scripted radio chatter and cinematic dialogue for Need For Speed: The Run (2011). He is a passionate cat lover, and future crazy old cat lady.

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The Revolution Will Not Be Circumcised

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Photo by James Loewen

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Photo by James Loewen

Foreskin Awareness Booth

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Photo by James Loewen

For additional information, email Glen at
or call the CAN-FAP Foreskin Hotline at 604-628-7012

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